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Damn my muse - when she wants something, you must listen! - dead community about to be deleted [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Damn my muse - when she wants something, you must listen! [Feb. 18th, 2007|04:00 pm]
dead community about to be deleted



Innocently Evil

The cruelest evil?
Not some wretched entity,
Manifested in cloven hooves and
A leering goat’s head.

The child and its soft cries –
The sound of all that
Should be cherished and protected.

The child’s innocence and
Knows no bounds.

Neither does its cruelty when
Evil comes upon its soul.


Tired yet of
This incessant guilt?

Hasn’t it swayed your back and
Stooped your shoulders to
The point of throwing it off?

Insisting upon taking
Responsibility for the
Actions and emotions of
Those around you
When those emotions –
And those alone –
Are truly responsible.

This guilt itself is a necessity –
Needed so we have control over
Our reasons, our morals.

Needed to give us
An experienced decision.


Nature will not tolerate
Excesses –
As in the case of those who take
More than their fair share.

When you have too much,
There will always be
Someone wanting to take it
Away from you.

This will be dealt with accordingly.

Maybe you should ask yourself –
Has your blood bounty been
A blessing or a curse?

The Potion

Passing your days in
One night stands.
Tear apart the threats –
The web of love’s truth
Where strings of beauties wrap
Your heartstrings around your neck.

Does love really exist in
This hedonistic world of ours?
Is it not only our selfish needs –
Our own desires that
Fuel the potion.


What a piece of work –
How noble in reason,
How infinite in faculty.

In form,
How expressive and admirable.

In action,
How like an angel.

In apprehension,
How like a god.

In the beauty of the world
As the paragon of animals.

In mortal delights,
A quintessence of dust.


To understand this cruel world,
One must only have the mind of
A killer.

There you will find
Their motives,
There reasons,
Their means,
Their secret dreams.

Some do not tread, not wishing to know
And wanting to forget
What they’ve discovered in
Delving into the seedier side of life.


We are not so easily forgiven,
An eternal judgment –
A true life sentence from which we as
Can never be absolved.

Is payment in full rendered for
Our sins
At the hour of
Our death?

Mortal Coil

There is madness in the world,
Fueled by hatred, by guilt,
By pain, despair, and fear.

There is talk that this life is but
One of many in a cycle of lives.

Should immortality be our
Common bond?
Do we return to the mortal coil,
Unfettered by our sins?
Or burdened by them?

And if your time has truly come,
Understand that with
The beauty of this life,
There does come pain and despair.

No one is immune.

Guilt is for the weak.

To harbor it is to
Deny yourself freedom and
To be a captive –
A slave.

If There Is A God…


We mourn the loss of
A dear friend,
One moment so full of life;
The next lying
Shattered and broken –
Beyond reach,
Beyond hope.

We ask ourselves,
“If there is a God,
How can this happen?”

Better to ask,
“If there is a God,
Must it be sane?”

Bella Lunita

Dark midnight skies,
Almost fever bright –
The full moon hung on
The skeletal dead branches like
A froth of early blossoms.

That icy hand protectively caresses
An endless midnight ocean and
Somehow manages to burn.

Illuminating the wispy clouds
Hanging in the black like
The scruffy webs of black widows -
Lacking beautiful symmetry but with
Their own arcane design.

They say the full moon
Distorts our perceptions,
Clouds our judgment…
Makes fools of us all.

The moonbeams blind us to
The truth.

How do you feel about the moon –
About how it translates
The light of the sun?

Do you believe in magic?